Registration Form

Camping Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in camping at Sun Valley RV Park. Please complete this form in its entirety.

If you prefer to mail your reservation, please download here and mail to: Sun Valley/Beulah Convention & Visitors Bureau (BCVB)

Attn: Sun Valley RV Park

PO Box 790

Beulah, ND 58523


If you prefer to email your reservation:

Text a registration picture to: 701-301-7207 Robbin B. Cell

Payment for camping can be made by credit card only.

Sun Valley RV Park Registration Form

By signing this registration form, I certify I have read and understand the Rules and Regulations for Sun Valley RV Park and agree to abide by those Rules and Regulations while at the park. I further understand and agree that BCVB, nor any of its employees, agents, assigns, or volunteers shall be liable or responsible in any way for injury, damage, liability, loss, or expense resulting in the Park User and/or any guest brought on to the premises by said Park User due to accidents, mishaps, misconduct, negligence, or injuries, either in person or property. I further understand that if my payment is delinquent after 15 days, I am subject to removal from the premises. I understand that any property valued at less than $2,500.00 that I leave on the premises after vacating of said premises may be retained by the BCVB for 28 days, and that after 28 days my property may be sold pursuant to N.D.C.C. § 47-16-30.1.
Please note that reservation is not recorded nor secured until a deposit has been received and a receipt for said payment has been issued to the Park User. After payment is received, if requested lot is not available, you will be assigned the next closest site. If campground is full, you will be notified, and your payment returned in full. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS FOR PAYMENT.