Your money is worth more in Beulah!

Paychecks go further in Beulah, where a refreshing cost of living provides families and individuals the reassurance their hard work will result in the support they seek. From housing and healthcare to gas and groceries, life’s necessities are easier to afford in Beulah.

BestPlaces indicates it is about 10% more affordable to live in Beulah than the national average. While housing and transportation costs lead the way, the chart below illustrates how life costs less in Beulah!

Cost of Living Beulah USA
Overall 90.4 100
Grocery 99.2 100
Health 94.3 100
Housing 87.8 100
Median Home Cost $178,200 $291,700
Utilities 94.1 100
Transportation 72 100

Source: BestPlaces