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Visitors to Beulah and Mercer County quickly learn what residents know: everything needed for quality living is right here! The rich heritage of agriculture and energy production in the area may be the initial draw for companies, workers and tourists, but fabulous recreation and quality living keeps them here. Lake Sakakawea boasts some of the best walleye fishing in the upper Midwest, while excellent pheasant and waterfowl hunting are pleasant surprises.

Beulah living is defined by friendly, helpful and approachable residents who highly emphasize family and moral character. For example, the small town has 14 churches listed on the City of Beulah website. An excellent cost of living, coupled with an extremely high average salary, allows families and individuals to find perfect housing that leaves plenty of disposable income to enjoy life. Strong schools, quality healthcare and safe communities make Beulah the ideal place to relocate to, whether to begin your career, start a family or begin the perfect retirement.

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