Safe living exists in Beulah!

Beulah is a family-friendly community whose residents and organizations value the ability of everyone to work, live and enjoy life in a safe environment.

Very low crime rates reflect that commitment. Safewise named Beulah the ‘2nd Safest City in North Dakota’ in 2022, based on FBI crime statistics, property, and violent crimes. Beulah and nearby Hazen are the first two cities noted by Travel Safe Abroad for North Dakota’s Safest Cities in 2022. Beulah had zero violent crimes and 6.7 property crimes per 1,000. BestPlaces rates Beulah’s violent crime at 13.0, compared to a U.S. average of 22.7. In addition, property crime in Beulah ranks at 13.9, compared to the U.S. average of 35.4.

Taken together, Beulah is a community where residents can feel comfortable knowing they can live without fear or concern for their family’s security.

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