Life is Better in Beulah!

20 Dec 2022


Beulah, ND, visitors quickly understand why residents love to live here! Residents enjoy safe living, friendly neighbors, quality education and schooling, world-class healthcare, and fun, family-friendly outdoor recreation opportunities! Beulah is the #2 safest city in North Dakota, providing invaluable security and safety to our residents.

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Local businesses in many industries are thriving here in Beulah. Agriculture and energy production are two of our most successful industries. In fact, Beulah is often referred to as “The Energy Capital of North Dakota” and is home to the largest Lignite mine in the United States! Beulah is home to Lake Sakakawea, known for its excellent fishing, campgrounds, and countless bays. Click here to learn more about Beulah and why everyone enjoys living here!