Our History Defines Us

3 Mar 2023


Beulah was destined to become one of the most progressively rural cities in the heart of coal country. Fun fact - Beulah was a lignite mining place before it was a city! The first commercial lignite mining operation started in 1873. Beulah became a city in 1914. 
Today, Beulah is living up to its potential and rich history of exploration. While mining and manufacturing cover 17% of Beulah’s employment industry, other growing industries are making their mark on Beulah, including:

Installation, Maintenance & Repair
Health Care & Social Assistance
Accommodation and Food Services
Retail Trade
Agriculture - Farming and Ranching

Beulah started as an in-demand place and has maintained its cultural roots throughout time. Beulah will always be a gold mine of opportunity. Learn more about Beulah’s history here.