You’re Invited to Hunt in Beulah

21 Sep 2023


As summer ends and fall begins, hunting moves to the forefront of the minds of outdoors men and women. According to the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, many hunting seasons open the first week of September, extending through January 2024. View the 2023 Hunting Season Outlook for specific game season dates.

Hunting in Beulah 

The City of Beulah is surrounded by many Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs), vast open fields and prairies to choose from:

  • Golden Valley - 160 acres
  • Hille - 3,083 acres
  • Beaver Creek - 285 acres
  • Harmony Lake - 635 acres
  • Missouri Breaks - 477 acres
  • Norman and Lucille Schaefer - 313 acres
  • North Beulah Mine - 1,861 acres with a portion closed to the public for safety reasons

Waterfowl and other migratory birds migrate north for the spring and south for the winter. The southern migration period is from September through November. Their migration route is known as the Central Flyway, which spans from the polar regions of North America down to South America. With North Dakota being near the beginning of the Central Flyway, this allows Beulah hunters to have prime pickings and tangible targets. Take a look at this wonderful video about waterfowl hunting on our Facebook page.  

Pheasant hunting is a fall outdoor tradition in North Dakota. While pheasant aren’t migratory birds, their prominent presence in the region leads to their calling as the King of Gamebirds. However, hunting season is not year-round and only lasts October through January. Lake Sakakawea rounds out the top 5 places in North Dakota for pheasant hunting.

The white-tailed deer is the  most common big game animal found in North Dakota. Hunting season dates range depending on the type: Bow, Regular, Muzzleloader, and Youth Season. Review North Dakota Game and Fish’s White-Tailed and Mule Deer Hunting page to learn more about each season.

In addition to waterfowl, pheasant and deer, Beulah offers hunting for other game:

  • Big Game (Moose, Mule)
  • Furbearers (River Otter, Bobcat, Coyote)
  • Upland and Small Game (Tree Squirrels, Wild Turkey)

Other Outdoor Recreation in Beulah

If hunting isn’t your thing, Beulah still has plenty of opportunities to get outside! Fishing is a popular year-round activity. Hot spots exist in excellent locations like Beulah Bay, Wolf Creek, and Hazen Bay, all entrances into Lake Sakakawea. Spear and ice fishing on the lake can yield a mixed bag when the bite is hot of walleye, pike, trout, salmon, catfish, and smallmouth bass. Watch this great video about ice fishing in North Dakota, specifically at Lake Sakakawea.

Outdoor recreation doesn’t stop as winter rolls around. As residents pull out their winter wardrobes and prepare their homes for the battle of the outside cold, they look forward to sliding on their snow boots to enjoy other aspects of the great quality-of-life Beulah offers.

Beulah receives a wonderful amount of snow, allowing for cross-country skiing, a fun event whether it’s a solo venture, family adventure, or first date. The Energy Wellness Center rents skis and Riverside Park has groomed trails for all. If you prefer a more secluded, tamed time on the ice, Prairie Hills Park offers free ice skating to indulge your inner hockey player, dreaming figure skater, and alternative exerciser.

Beulah is for Everyone

It’s clear Beulah residents enjoy their outdoor recreation, and while summer is always a favorite season, there is no decrease in outdoor joy the rest of the year. Visit us and see for yourself. The more time you spend in this small town near the Missouri River, the more you will learn what the residents know: It’s a wonderful place to live!