Beulah’s Community Profile is Here!

14 Feb 2023


The city of Beulah, ND, has recently compiled and published our city’s comprehensive online community profile. This profile can help site selectors when looking at an ideal location in the area to locate a business. It can also help potential new residents gain a clear and concise picture of the population of Beulah. This profile is free for any user to view to get to know our great city!

Online Profile of Beulah Shows Why Our Community is Unique!

This community profile includes important demographics like Beulah’s population, housing & income, workforce, businesses, industries, educational attainment, and more! This information can be utilized in many ways, including the cost of living comparisons, commuter information, career opportunities, workforce availability in target industries, and much more! Click here to view our free online community profile and learn all about the city of Beulah today!