Paychecks Go Further in Beulah

24 Feb 2023


Beulah is the place to stretch the hard-earned dollar. Did you know Beulah is about 10% more affordable than the national average? According to BestPlaces, the city of Beulah’s overall cost of living score ranks at 90.4% compared to the USA. As the breakdown goes, Beulah ranked:
Utilities - 94.1%
Health - 94.3%
Housing - 87.8%
Grocery - 99.2%

With the median home cost being $178,200 as of 2022, and an extremely high average salary, favorable pricing allows families and individuals to enjoy an economically flourishing way of life. Such crucial factors play significant parts in retirement planning, making life beautiful in Beulah. Learn more about our cost of living here.