A Comprehensive List of Beulah’s Parks and Recreation Centers

28 Jun 2023


July is National Park and Recreation Month, a month dedicated to “building strong, vibrant, and resilient communities” by highlighting local parks and recreational centers while recognizing the staff and administration that help maintain them throughout America. This year’s theme is “Where Community Grows,” honoring park and recreation professionals who help foster community growth. The city of Beulah thanks you for your tireless efforts and dedication. 

where community grows

Beulah’s Parks and Recreational Offerings

Beulah understands the importance parks and recreation play in our community. Most of our parks are less than an acre in size and located in residential communities. They are essential to high-quality living and attractive to future residents and businesses. 

Beulah has a lot to offer, and our parks and rec department does an excellent job of providing opportunities and events for community members, visitors, and guests to enjoy themselves. 

Summer Sign-Ups

Beulah Parks and Rec partnered with the Energy Wellness Center to keep children engaged and active during summer recess. The offerings are age-sanctioned baseball teams and interactive classes:

  • Girls Fastpitch - Ages 7 - 10 and 11 - 14
  • Youth Baseball - Ages 5 - 6, 7 -9, 10-12, and 13-15
  • Kids Fit - Mondays and Thursdays at 10 a.m. 
  • Intro to Cooking at the Energy Wellness Center

To sign-up for any of the summer or year-round activities, go to Beulah Parks' activity page. You can find out more about the adult activities offered at Energy Wellness Center by checking the Facebook page

Parks and Recreation Centers

Below is a comprehensive list of all parks and recreation centers in Beulah. Each link will take you to detailed information regarding each site.


beylah bay




  • Energy Wellness - State-of-the-art facility offers year-round recreation with many indoor amenities: basketball and racquetball courts, track, golf simulator, and so much more
  • Goldmann Field - Located in the heart of Beulah, equipped with a full-sized diamond and concession area
  • Ice Rink - A gem located at Prairie Hills Park
  • SK8TERS Skatepark -  Located next to Goldmann Field, inside of McKenzie Park
  • Wolf Softball Complex - 15 acres of activity for softball, volleyball, spectators, and a playground



  • Central Park - 0.40 acres with an updated playground area
  • Century 5th Park - 0.40 acres with a playground and basketball court
  • Country Club Park - smallest park with a small playground
  • Fair Street Park - 3.5 acres of unutilized, open space 
  • Gateway Park - 0.40 acres with mature trees, a playground area, and basketball court
  • Lignite Park - ½ acre with a playground area, open turf, and benches
  • Lions Park - ½ acre with an updated playground area
  • McKenzie Park - Beulah’s largest park - 10 acres housing Goldmann Field, SK8TERS Skatepark, tennis and basketball courts
  • Prairie Hills Park - 1 acre with a full playground area and an ice-skating rink (weather permitting)
  • Troy Park - 0.40 acres with a swing set, basketball court, and benches

We invite you to use the summer as the perfect time to visit one or more of Beulah’s parks and recreation centers.