Economic Development and Beulah

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8 Aug 2023


A strong economy offers a community the opportunity to be more resilient through better jobs and enhanced quality of life. Beulah’s strength lies in being the “Energy Capital of the Midwest,” one of the key reasons businesses and families thrive here. Companies profit from being in the hub of Central North Dakota’s cutting-edge technology infrastructure as it ensures the connection to their target customers, spanning from within city limits to global destinations. Residents benefit by having more career and employment options, including working from home, thus reducing the need to move. This proximity to an ever-changing digital society creates a well-educated, self-motivated workforce. Such advantages play major roles in Beulah’s economic growth and development. 

What is Economic Development?

Community and economic development are intertwined, as illustrated in this video. Economic Development, as defined in the Cambridge Dictionary, is “the process in which an economy grows or changes and becomes more advanced, especially when both economic and social conditions are improved.” This process is based on specific goals and objectives created by residents, local government, and economic leaders. Economic development organizations (EDOs) ensure this process runs smoothly by putting various systems in place and sharing crucial information in marketing the location to future businesses, entrepreneurs, and residents. While it’s not an easy task, EDOs are strategic thinkers with a zeal for finding suitable matches for their communities to help both thrive and prosper. The common objective is a stronger, more resilient, more inclusive community from new businesses to old industries.

Beulah’s Economic Development Process 

Beulah’s economic development process includes focusing on its workforce, technological infrastructure, and quality of life to increase its economic growth. Beulah’s economic development team, Beulah Jobs Development Authority (JDA), has been in place since 1990 and is currently a nine-member team. It encourages and assists in developing employment within the city, including promoting new and expanded opportunities.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, or what your interests happen to be, Beulah has something for everyone. Factors for a great quality of life include:

  1. Jobs
  2. Commercial and Residential Real Estate
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Community Efforts

The JDA relies on the natural resources within Beulah to attract businesses in the agricultural and power production sectors, including mining, natural gas, and high-tech industries. The available natural resources offer low-cost benefits and incentives for industry-related businesses to move and expand in Beulah. 

Beulah has land and buildings available for purchase. As of 2022, the median housing value was $210,833. Beulah’s residential occupancy rate was 80%, with a variety of housing options: 

  • Single-Family
  • Four Plex
  • Multi-Unit Apartments
  • Mobile Homes

With so much land and water surrounding Beulah, visitors are amazed at the progressive infrastructure that includes:

  • Local transportation
  • Railroad service
  • A city municipal airport
  • Access to one interstate and two major highways
  • High-speed internet/broadband
  • Multiple electrical providers

Beulah places high values on local support and thriving together. There are many events throughout the year to keep the community engaged and the warm climate increases outdoor interaction. It’s never a dull moment in Beulah for ages five through 85. 

Contact the JDA 

The City of Beulah is always looking for businesses and entrepreneurs to experience the good life where the incentives to help start a business are favorable:

  • Sales and Use Tax Exemption for new or expanding plants with machinery or equipment purchases
  • Partnership in Assistant Community Expansion (PACE) interest buy-down loan program
  • North Dakota Development Fund gap financing for new, expanding, or relocating businesses
  • Corporate Income Tax Exemption for new business corporations for the first five years 

Contact Beulah JDA, send an email to, or call Granville Brinkman at 701-873-4637 to learn how you can thrive in Beulah like others. Reaching out today can build your revenue for tomorrow.