Lions work to make Riverside “dream park a reality”

18 Oct 2023


The Beulah Lions Club, renowned for its unwavering dedication to enhancing our community, is embarking on an ambitious project to create a preschool-aged park at Riverside Park, just across from the restrooms. While the club has committed $10,000 towards the down payment and the demolition of the old park has already begun, additional funding is needed to make this dream park a reality. The profit from the Demolition Derby has also been committed toward this project leaving over half of the total expense yet to be funded.

The Beulah Lions Club envisions a vibrant, safe, and engaging space where our youngest community members can learn, play, and grow. The proposed preschool-aged park will feature state-of-the-art toy diggers in a sandbox, ensuring hours of imaginative play. Moreover, to guarantee safety and ease of maintenance, the surrounding area will be covered with ply turf, providing a clean and inviting environment for children and families.

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