Commission moves forward on airport road

18 Oct 2023


With the budget in place for 2024, the Mercer County Commission is beginning the preliminary work to ensure that they are on the same page for how to approach the project of paving 51st Ave. SW (better known as “Airport Road”, running south from Highway 200 east of Hazen and leading to the Mercer County Regional Airport.

Initially, the project was put into the 2023 budget, but no action was actually taken to move forward on bids for the project over the course of the last year. Now, the commission is wanting to make sure it doesn’t get overlooked, but also to clarify what exact approach they want to take to it.

During a meeting Oct. 4, Commissioner Jamee Folk asked whether the plan was to pave the road only to the actual airport turnoff, or to pave the entire road. The road continues for a little way beyond the airport, servicing a few more residents, but is ultimately a dead end road to the south. Folk said she wanted to make sure these residents were not forgotten in the discussion.

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