Hidden Treasures: Exploring Beulah's Best-Kept Museum Secrets

Hidden Treasures:  Exploring Beulah's Best-Kept Museum Secrets Main Photo

5 Mar 2024

Preservation helps strengthen culture while showcasing history. The City of Beulah treasures its culture and history, as shown at four locations dedicated to preservation: Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, Mercer County Museum, and Pfennig Wildlife Museum.

Hunting is a popular sport, hobby, and event in North Dakota, so much so that it can be viewed as a cultural aspect of North Dakotans. According to 247WallSt.com, in 2021, North Dakota placed fourth in the top five states to issue hunting licenses. The City of Beulah is surrounded by Wildlife Management Areas. Hunting is also a bonding tradition between generations of families and friends. Though not a way of life for all North Dakotans, hunting is indeed a common activity and annual tourist attraction boasting a positive economic impact.

Pfennig Wildlife Museum

“Pfennig Wildlife Museum houses the largest individual wildlife collection in North Dakota. The collection of more than 175 species comes from the private compilation of Helmuth and Lea Pfennig’s travels to Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, and Alaska.” - Pfennig Wildlife Museum

Summarizing an article written by Scooter Pursely of Clearwater Communications and posted in North Dakota Horizon’s Spring 2023 Edition:

The Pfennig family has held wildlife trophies dating back to the 1930s when Helmuth Pfennig found his love of hunting and traveling. Over the decades, Mr. Pfennig’s trophies outgrew the home’s trophy room. As a Beulah native, it became a dream of Mr. Pfennig to open a wildlife museum in the city he always called home. In 1994, Mr. Pfennig’s dream became a reality as he continued to add to his growing wildlife collection.  

Fun fact, “In Africa, all of the meat from the animals harvested, was given to villagers for their consumption or used for bait.”

The Pfennig Wildlife Museum’s collection includes (a/an):

  • African Grand Slam (African lion, rhinoceros, leopard, elephant, and cape buffalo)
  • African giraffes
  • Male and female lions
  • Bears (Russian bear, polar bear, and grizzly bear)
  • Hippopotamus
  • Alligator
  • Baboon
  • Musk Ox

… and so much more!

Owned by the Pfennig family, the museum has been in its location since its opening. As of August 2022, the museum is operated and managed by the Beulah CVB. Because of the partnership, the museum was able to have set hours of operation that have proven beneficial to visitors, residents, and the Pfennig family.

The Pfennig Wildlife Museum is located at 1313 Highway 49 North. For more information, call 701-873-4889.

Visit Beulah

The Pfennig Wildlife Museum is a contributor to Beulah and Mercer County’s tourism. Along with the Mercer County Museum, both share a large and vivid depiction of the Great Plains life while preserving and strengthening the identity and culture.

Plan your trip to the City of Beulah, where you can explore museums and more. In Beulah, you will be immersed in preserving our history as we promote learning and appreciation of cultural heritage. Visit Beulah CVB for more ways to enhance your trip to Beulah, North Dakota.